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Is The Complete Python Course by Teclado Worth it?

Is The Complete Python Course by Teclado Worth it?

Is The Complete Python Course by Teclado Worth it? My review of Telcado’s Complete Python Course on Udemy Hello guys, if you want to learn Python programming languague and looking for best resources then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared best Python courses, certifications, books, tutorials, projects and even a complete Python RoadMap and in this article, I am going to…...

September 16, 2023medium

Django User Registration with Google

OAuth, short for Open Authorization, is a mechanism that enables websites or applications to exchange user data with other platforms, all without necessitating the disclosure of a user’s password. It empowers users to access multiple websites with a ...

September 16, 2023hashnode

Tuples in Python

Tuples in Python

This article delves into the realm of Python tuples, concentrating on their intricacies, syntax, and significance in programming. It seeks to enrich the understanding and abilities of both experienced programmers and beginners, emphasizing the fundam...

September 15, 2023hashnode

Code review - a unique way of debugging

Code review - a unique way of debugging

How did you go about finding someone to work with? A lot of students had posted around our Slack...

September 15, 2023devto

Python Project — Draw Doraemon

Python Project — Draw Doraemon

Python Project — Draw Doraemon Everyone has watched Doraemon in their childhood. Doraemon is a functional anime character.It is a cat robot that came from the future. It has various types of gadget. Today we will draw doraemon in Python. Draw Doraemon with Python: In this Project we will draw Doraemon in Python using turtle library which will help…...

September 16, 2023medium

Creating an Open Source Search Platform: Search Engines with AI - Swirl

Creating an Open Source Search Platform: Search Engines with AI - Swirl

Before wasting time, let me introduce Swirl. This unified open-source search platform built with Python and Django seamlessly unifies searches across databases (SQL and NoSQL), cloud services, search providers, data siloes, and tools like Miro, Jira,...

September 15, 2023hashnode

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