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Hackertab has everything you need to stay-to-date as developer

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Personalized by interests

Hackertab offers a tailored content specifically to what developers are interested in

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We cover news, respositories, tools, events and jobs, well everything you need to stay-to-date as developer.

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Save your favorite links a visually-appealing bar so you can access them easily at a later date

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No tracking

Hackertab is a privacy first tool, we don't collect or sell any personal data

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Free & Open source

Hackertab is totally Free and available as an open source project backed by a community of users and contributors

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Dark mode

Because developers love the dark mode, we adopted the same experience for a better concetration

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A wonderful extension for devs from jobs to new articles, it has got everything!

Great extension! All the info from the sources I like to read, none of the fluff I don't need!

Great and doesn't slow down my browsing experience.

❤️ And many other developers from all over the world

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